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Jishins Oil Absorbent Paper

Jishins Oil Absorbent Paper sticker-main img copy.jpg

Paper Size


Packaging Size

Packing Size

Carton Size

80 sheets / 28 x 24 cm

Natural Pulp Paper

24 x 12 x 30 cm

Ctn x 6 bags x 2 rolls

47 x 37 x 30 cm

Product Benefits :

  • Ideal for food preparation and prolong ingredients shelf life.

  • Made from 100% high quality pulp material, odorless and supple, not torn or crushed during oil absorption.

  • Food contact safe.

  • Non-stick : Absorb excess drip from meat or fish to prolong freshness.

  • Low lint : Use as underlay or absorb excess oil directly from fried food surface.

  • Breathable : Wrap food while reheating in microwave to preserve moisture.

  • Thawing frozen foods : Wrap your fish or meat during defrosting to absorb excess drippings and to prevent food contamination.

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